Looking back, looking forward - Personal favourites / by Tom Henderix

My own personal selection. These are not necessarily good pictures, but these are the ones I liked the most myself last year.

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A shot from the cockpit, but this time while still on the ground. Taken early morning in Warsaw. It's moments like these why it's worth keeping a decent camera in your bag.

Nuns have to do their laundry too. I like the contrast, all the edges, the chaos of the rooftops and houses. This was taken in Victoria, on Gozo, Malta.

Cap Gris Nez. Lovely weekend getaway with my wife. The mood was grey, it rained on and off for both days. But it is still a stunning location, with wide views and nobody around. This image captured the way it felt just right.

Copenhagen street food market. I'm really inexperienced at street photography. Capturing an image that tells a story is one of the hardest things for me to do. I like this one for the shades in the background, the reflections on the windows, the steam over the grill and the tiny halo made of reflecting lights over the chef's head.

I had the chance to pick up a Hasselblad Xpan this year (thanks so much for the tip, Mark!). I'm a total noob at shooting film, but this one is my favourite film image so far. Delta 400 has been my favourite film too so far. Shot at the Bilbao indoor market, Spain. I can't believe how sharp and detailed the shots came out. It is a true engineering marvel, this camera and lens.

Some days, you just have to look up and see the scenery unfold. Early morning sunrise over our backyard. I just had enough time to run upstairs, grab a shot and then it was gone.

Mira's shoot was the first one where I felt a lot of experience came together for me. Lighting, mood, framing, posing,... And a great team to work with, so thank you Mira and Ellen.

Good light, relaxed pose, story telling wide aperture. My favourite portrait this year.

Ife, a young man with quite a story already. One of my first portrait shoots. And still a personal favourite.