Malta for a week / by Tom Henderix

Took a week off to visit Malta in June. These are some of the images. It's a beautiful -if slightly too hot- island, and definitely worth a visit. If you want to go there, maybe go earlier. April or May would seem perfect. After that, it stays hot and humid until late september.

The cities are colourful and everything looks dated, as if they are stuck in the 60's. No wonder there are movies and tv series being shot all over the place... No luck catching any of the Game Of Thrones cast shooting in Mdina though.

First time (serious) travelling with the Fuji X-T1 and X100T. The 56 1.2 APD was bolted on my camera for almost the entire week. It's my favourite lens, even more so than my old Canon 135 L... I also brought the 16 1.4, but wider angles aren't my thing (yet). So happy to see Fujifilm finally fixed all the issues I had with the 56 earlier, as there are no more discernable sharpness or focussing issues. The colours of the island are a throwback to the good old film days,  so I used a take on Kodachrome for the edit and colours. 

My sincerest apologies for the gratuitous amount of cat shots in the set, but that seems the best way to attract millions of followers on the internet... Enjoy!