Two hours in Rome / by Tom Henderix

A short walk in Rome, since I spent most of my time there catching some much needed shut-eye.

The good people of Peak Design sent me a prototype of their new Kickstarter campaign's Everyday Sling Bag to try out. While it's too soon to give you my final thoughts on it, here are some of my first impressions.

It's not as compact as I'd like. For a mirrorless camera bag, it feels ever so slightly too big. Then again, I don't travel with an iPad or other tablet. For those who do, the size will be just perfect. It fits anything up to the size of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with it's keyboard attached.

While I travel from hotel to hotel, I tend to fold the bag flat into my suitcase, as I keep the camera and lenses in my flightcase on board of the aircraft. It fits a normal suitcase fine, and folds quite flat if needed.

It is very comfortable to wear, much more so than most messenger style bags. It stays in place and sits a bit higher on your back, so the shoulder relief is more like a backpack. The shoulder strap features the same easy adjustment mechanism as found on the Peak Design straps.

The build quality is above and beyond anything else, even if this is a handmade prototype. The accompanying letter stated that final production quality should be even better.

A full review will follow once I've used it for a sufficient amount of travelling. If you have questions on it, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Cheers, Tom.

All shots taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 & XF35/2.

The new Peak Design Sling, with the Capture Pro Clip attached to it.